Aremco 598-A Nickel Electrically & Thermally Conductive Adhesives Ceramic

20 micron Nickel Flake, Electrical & Thermal, Max Temp ºF (ºC) : 1000 (538)

Aremco™ offers a broad range of electrically and thermally conductive adhesives & coatings that provide solutions to a variety of electrical, electronics and thermal design problems throughout industry.
Properties Adhesives
Product Number 598-A
Resin type Ceramic
Filler Nickel Flake
Particle Size, microns < 20
No. Components 1
Mix Ratio, by Weight,
Mixed Specific Gravity,
g/cc @ 25 ºc
Mixed Viscosity,
cP @ 25 ºC
20,000 – 25,000
Pot Life,
25 gms @ 25 ºC
Recommend Cure,
2/RT + 2/200
Alternate Cure,
Service Temperature,
ºF (ºC)¹
Continuous : 1000 (538)
Intermittent : –
Volume Resistivity,
Tensile Shear Strength,
Thermal Conductivity,
Shore D
Color Dark Gray
Shelf Life,
Reference Notes
¹ The low end of the service temperature range for all products is approximately −67 ºF (−55 ºC).
² Tested according to ASTM D1002-94 at 25 ºC, a method for determining the shear strength of a single lap-joint of metal substrates in tensile loading.
³ Available as a faster-setting. Add “-FSLV” (eg. 568-FSLV).Application Notes
Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dirt, corrosives, oxides, paint or other foreign matter. Sand blast or abrade non-porous surfaces, or etch using Aremco’s Corr-Prep™ CPR2000.
Mixing: Two component products should be mixed thoroughly prior to dispensing. For high viscosity systems each component can be preheated separately at 100–125 ºF to facilitate mixing and dispensing. Aremco-Bond™ 568 is available in 50ml cartridges. Order 568-C 50ml Cartridge, 9910 6” Mixing Nozzle and 9850 Plunger or 9700 Mechanical Dispense Gun.
Application: Apply adhesive to both surfaces maintaining a glue line of less than 10 mils. Assemble parts and apply pressure to prevent warpage and reduce air entrapment. Refer to curing guidelines in above property chart.

NA Not Applicable
RT Room Temperature