Two-Axis/Two-Mirror Beam Scanning System

– Piezo stages with familiar digital galvo form factor
– Mounted mirrors, laser and two-axis base
– Each stage < 12 mm diameter
– Closed-loop controller embedded in stage
– No separate electronics needed
– 3.3 VDC input
– Direct digital input of motion commands
( I2C, SPI, UART) or analog servo
– Steers beam diameters up to 2 mm
– Angular resolution 0.025 deg (440 μrad) closed loop with built-in absolute position sensor
– Angular resolution 0.0057 deg (100 μrad) open loop with external position sensor provided by user
– Holds position with zero power and no jitter

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2 축 빔 스티어링

DK-M3-RS-U-2M-20-L은 초 소형 galvo-scanner 로서 완전한 삐에죠 빔그티어링 시스템 입니다.  12mm dia 에  closed-loop controller 가 내장되어 있습니다.
장착 된 알루미늄 코팅 거울은 초당 최대 1100도에서 0.25 도의 정확도로 정밀하게 움직입니다.
포인트 와 포인트 빔 스티어링. 범위는 +/- 20 도입니다.

내장형 컨트롤러로 작은 크기와 빠르고 쉬운 통합

위치 센서, 베어링, 구동 전자 장치 및 임베디드 펌웨어와 함께 특허를받은 압전 모터는 모두
소형 로터리 스테이지에 통합.
별도의 외부 컨트롤러 없이 사용 가능합니다.
최소 시스템 크기와 함께 시스템에 빠르고 쉽게 통합 할 수 있습니다. 빔 스티어링 시스템은
시스템 프로세서에서 높은 수준의 디지털 또는 아날로그 모션 명령을 직접 입력하거나 USB 어댑터를 사용하여 PC에서 시스템의 전원을 켜고 제어합니다. 입력은 3.3VDC입니다.

This system is ideal for precise, point-topoint beam steering in a limited space, where dynamic scanning is limited to less than 100 Hz. The 3.3 VDC input makes it suited for handheld/portable instruments.

– Dermatology lasers, fluorescence microscopes and imaging instruments
– In-vivo and in-vitro micro laser surgery

– 3D printers
– LIDAR, 3D measurement, spectroscopy
– Remote sensing (e.g. pollution sources)
– Image and hand tremor stabilization
– Laser marking, engraving, machining

– Free-space optical communication
– Variable optical attenuation
– Fiber-to-fiber optical switching

Aerospace and Defense
– Target designation, jitter compensation
– Automated obstacle detection, tracking and avoidance for robots, UAVs, etc.

The DK-M3-RS-U-2M-20-L Beam Steering System Developer’s Kit includes two smart stages, mounted mirrors, a
650nm collimated laser, base, demo board, cables, USB adapter and software for system evaluation and
Smart Stages with mounted mirrors, laser and base

The standard aluminum-coated mirrors are pre-mounted on the M3-RS-U smart stages. The stages’ built-in
controllers accept direct digital and analog servo control via the FPC connector.

The Developer’s Kit accessories include a demo board, cables, tools and software to aid in evaluation and
system development. New Scale Pathway™ software for Windows provides an easy-to-use graphical interface
to control the systems from a PC screen, or develop your own code using the intuitive scripting tool.

Beam Diameter (maximum) 2 mm
Range of Motion +/- 20 deg
Speed >1100 deg/sec
Acceleration >1,000,000 deg/sec2 *
Stall Torque (minimum) 0.04 N-mm
Holding Torque (minimum) 0.08 N-mm (zero power)
Recommended Maximum Payload mounted to rotating shaft (Payloadmust be balanced)
Mass 3 g
Inertia 350 g-mm2

CLOSED-LOOP performance (with built-in position sensor)
Recommended Step Frequency Up to 100 Hz
Resolution (encoder resolution) 0.025 deg (440 μrad) absolute
Repeatability +/-0.05 deg (880 μrad)
Accuracy 0.25 deg (4400 μrad)
Maximum Closed-Loop Step & Settle Times (0.99 g-mm2 inertial load*)
0.5 deg 9 ms
5 deg 14 ms
20 deg 21 ms
OPEN-LOOP performance (external position sensor provided by user)
Resolution <0.0057 deg (<100 μrad)
Accuracy Typically better than 10% of distance
travelled after calibration
Maximum Open-Loop Step Times (0.99 g-mm2 inertial load*)
0.05 deg 0.5 ms
0.5 deg 1.6 ms
5 deg 6 ms
20 deg 10 ms
Input Voltage 3.3 V DC
Power Consumption (typical)
Input directly to stage
500 mW active, moving
190 mW active, ready
50 mW standby
Input via USB interface
(demo board)
1200 mW active, both axes moving
580 mW active, ready
200 mW standby
Stage Mass 3 g
Operational Lifetime 100 million random positions
Temperature/Relative Humidity 0 to +60 C, non-condensing
Compliance CE / RoHS
Communication Interface I2C, SPI, UART, analog servo
Input directly to M3-RS
Controller Integrated into stage, 64 MIPS
NO external controller needed


Size – Short Mirror 3 x 5 x 0.4 mm
Size – Long Mirror 11 x 5 x 0.4 mm
Material Float Glass
Coating Protected Aluminum (MgF2)
Operational Bandwidth 0.350 – 4.0 μm
Ravg Reflectivity (0.350 – 4.0 μm) 90%
Maximum Beam Diameter 2 mm
Flatness (632 nm) λ/4 over any 2 mm length
Surface Quality 60 – 40 scratch/dig
CW Damage Threshold (4 μm) 6 W/cm2
Pulsed Damage Threshold
(1 μsec pulses, 350 nm, 20 Hz) 0.3 J/ cm2

Smart stages with mounted mirrors, laser and base