OWIS-SYS 25 Slides RT 25

The RT 25 slides are used to mount assembling components on the system rail S 25 LL in order to provide the system height.
The slides are equipped with the proven tilting clamping pieces. Thereby they can be placed easily also in existing setups on the system rails S 25 LL, too.

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In order to fix the slides, a knurled or hexagon socket head cap screw is used. The form of the clamping pieces guarantees a
high adhesion without consistant deformation of the rail.
Slides with lateral threaded hole for the slide with fine adjustment on request.

► body and clamping piece made of deformation resistant aluminium
► reflection-poor, black anodized
► laminar clamping without consistant deformation of rail
► adjustment remains stable during fixing

► non-magnetic or vacuum-prepared versions available
-SYS 25
-SYS 40
-SYS 65
-SYS 90