▸Operates with collimated, polarized laser sources, either CW,
mode-locked or with pulse rates greater than 100KHz

▸Consists of an optics module and rack-mountable electronics
module, connected by a 3.5-meter cable

▸Can be controlled from the front panel, or via an RS-232
computer interface using ASCII commands (GPIB interface

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The Laser Power Controller (LPC) offers automated regulation and control of laser beam power. The LPC works with virtually
any CW or mode-locked laser. The LPC can be controlled digitally using an RS-232 or optional GPIB interface, or via an
analog input jack. An on-board microprocessor provides a 4-digit display of actual output beam power.

● Wavelength ranges from 425 to 1700 nm
● Adjustment of laser beam power over 40:1 range
● Stabilizes laser beam power to 0.03%
● Transmittance of 85%
● Reduction of laser noise from DC to 5 kHz

The LPC’s precise control of laser power is valuable in numerous applications.

● Achieve precise powers for single molecule experiments
● Improve transmission and scattering measurements
● Remove baseline drift and 1/f noise from spectra
● Regulate beam power when scanning Ti:Sapphire laser
● CCD/Display characterizations
● Microscopy
● Metrology

Clear aperture                               4.0 mm
Transmittance                               85%
Long-term stability                       0.03%
Digital resolution                          0.024% of full scale
Noise attenuation                         200:1 at 1 Hz (typical)
Servo bandwidth                           5 kHz
Power display accuracy               5% (typical)
Minimum input laser power       0.5 mW
Operating temperature                +15°C to +35°C
Storage temperature                     -10°C to +45°C
Operation                                        110/220 VAC @ 50/60Hz, 6 W