Low pressure plasma systems for dental surgery

The special system for chair side use at the dental surgery. Fast intensive cleaning and activation of abutments, superstructures and protheses.
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Reduction of germs

Why it is recommendable to treat abutments and superstructures with plasma prior to insertion ?

After the processing in the dental lab, parts could be contaminated by hydrocarbons, oil residuals, acids or mineral parts. In spite of various cleaning procedures, some of these residuals will remain on the surfaces. If not completely removed, they might induce inflammatory processes and severe complications with allergic patients.

The ion-bombardment generated in a low-pressure plasma causes the elimination of nano-scaled organic contaminations by means of physical and chemical processes. Germs and viruses will be destroyed, turned into the gas phase and evacuated from the plasma chamber.

Plasma treatment provides a valuable amendment to the hygienic management with dental surgeries. Abutments, all prosthetic superstructures, crowns, bridges, prostheses, splints etc. can be decontaminated with plasma.

The reduction of germs and viruses by plasma

  •  promotes a non-inflammatory meso structure
  •  secures a better fixation of components and thus reduces the risk of infections
  •  supports the prophylaxis of peri-implantitis