Hawk 252

High Resolution, Ultra Sensitive Digital EMCCD Camera

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Cooled HD EMCCD 카메라는 back-illuminated EMCCD 기술로 최고의 감도 이미징 (<50μlux)을  구현합니다.

Hawk 252는 600nm에서 95 % 이상의 높은 QE를 제공합니다.

GEN III 이미지 인 텐시 파이어 성능과 BLUE 영역의 Enhanced 로  180nm의 저조도 UV 영역과 VIS 파장영역을 감지 합니다.

The HAWK camera features:

  • Back-Illuminated EMCCD technology – Enables ultimate sensitivity imaging (<50μlux)
  • High QE: >95% @ 600nm – GEN III image intensifier performance
  • Enhanced blue response from 180nm – Low light UV with visible detection
Sensor Type 1″ Back Thinned Frame Transfer EMCCD
Active Pixel 1280 x 1024
Pixel Size 8μm x 8μm
Active Area 10.24 mm x 8.192 mm
Dynamic Range 55dB
Minimum Illumination < 50μlux
Anti-blooming Standard
Spectral Response 300-1100nm
Peak Quantum Efficiency 95% @ 600nm
Readout Noise EM Gain ON: <0.01eEM Gain OFF: <60e
Output Format 12 bit Camera Link (base configuration)
Non-Linearity <1%
Frame rate 25Hz, 30Hz
Synchronisation Trigger In & OUT – TTL compatible
Total power consumption <20W (TEC ON, FAN ON)
Trigger Connector SMA type
Cooling Active, no fan
Lens Mount C/mount, Back focus capability
Power Supply 12V DC ±10%
Operating case temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Dimensions 73.13mm x 62.00mm x 62.00mm
Weight (no lens) 350g


  • Ground Based Surveillance
  • Airborne Surveillance
  • UV Imaging Blue Response
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Situational Awareness


  • Astronomy
  • Indirect X-ray
  • Microscopy
  • Florescence Imaging