Hawk 247 EMCCD

Cooled VGA Surveillance EMCCD

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The Hawk EMCCD camera is the smallest and most rugged EMCCD camera in the world. With a choice of analog or digital outputs, it offers resolution of 658 x 496 with frame rate of 25 / 30 Hz.

Key Features

The HAWK camera features:

  • EMCCD technology – Enables high sensitivity imaging (<200μlux scene illumination) with up to 1000x on-chip gain
  • Interline Frame Transfer – No mechanical shutter required, vibration-less CCD readout
  • Ultra Low power (< 5W) – Ideal for OEM integration into Electro-Optic systems
  • Ultra compact and rugged – Easy integration into UAV, handheld or robotic systems
  • No fan – Ideal for integration and discrete low light surveillance

Technical Specification

Sensor Texas Instruments TC247SPD-B0
Sensor Type 1/2” Frame Interline Transfer (FIT) Impactron
Active Pixel 658 x 496
Pixel Size 10μm x 10μm
Active Area 6.58mm x 4.96mm
Dynamic Range 55dB
Minimum Illumination < 200μlux
Resolution 450 TV lines
Cooling Active, no fan
Antiblooming protection Yes (>500:1)
Analog | Digital
Output Format 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω, CCIR or EIA | 12 bit Cameralink (base configuration)
Exposure time 500μs to 1/50s (CCIR) or 1/60 (EIA) | 500μs to 1/frame rate
Frame rate 25Hz (CCIR), 30Hz (EIA) | 25Hz, 29.97Hz or 30Hz
Iris control Autosensing, Video or DC | N/A
Synchronisation N/A | Trigger In and OUT – TTL compatible
Functions controlled by serial communication N/A | Exposure, EM GAin, Hot Pixel Correction, Gamma, Intelligent AGC)
Total power consumption < 4.5W | < 5W
Video connector SMA type | Cameralink
Power connector MDM Type | Hirose part code HR10A-7R-4PB
Readout Mode Progressive Scan
Lens Mount C/CS mount, Back focus capability
Power Supply 12V DC ±10%
Operating case temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Dimensions 43mm x 43mm x 57mm (including CS-mount)
Weight (no lens) < 150g

QE Curves


  • Sample applications include:
  • Surveillance
  • 860nm & 1064nm laser line detection
  • Long Range Target Identification
  • Border Control
  • Day channel vision for EO system
  • Industrial imaging
  • Spectral (Hyperspectral) Imaging
  • Biochip Reading
  • Broadcasting
  • Low Light Imaging