Eagle XO X-Ray

Cooled 1MP and 4MP High Energy CCDs

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세계에서 가장 민감한 CCD 카메라 중 하나 인 High 에너지 버전 입니다. e2v 의 back-illuminated 1MP and 4MP CCD sensors 를 사용하며 Raptor의 독점적 인 PentaVac 진공 인클로저에 넣고 -110 ° C 이상의 델타로 냉각하는 Eagle XO는 다양한 플랜지가있는 개방형 전면 검출기입니다.

The EAGLE XO camera features:

  • Open front end – CF152 (6”) flange for direct interfacing to vacuum chambers
  • Deep cooled using Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) – Minimize dark current and enable long exposure
  • Back Illuminated 4MP no coating – Optimizes sensitivity and large field of view imaging
  • 13.5um x 13.5um pixel – Enables ultra sharp image resolution and high dynamic range
Sensor E2V CCD42-40 Back Illuminated, AIMO or E2V CCD42-40 Back Illuminated Deep Depleted, AIMO
Active Pixel Array Size (2048 × 2048) pixels
Pixel Size 13.5μm × 13.5μm
Active Area 27.65mm × 27.65mm (39.10mm diagonal)
Binning Programmable, up to 64×64 pixels
Full Well Capacity 100 000 e-
Non-Linearity <1%
Readout Noise @ 75kHz pixel readout rate, 2.3 e- rms, @ 2MHz pixel readout rate, 9.0 e- rms
Peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) >90%
Spectral Response 1.2eV to 20KeV
Dark Current @ -75°C 0.0004 e-/pixel/second
Cooling Active, ΔT > 90°C
Cooling Method Air / Liquid
Flange CF152 (6”)
Synchronization Trigger IN and OUT – TTL compatible
Digital Output 16-bit
Data Interface Cameralink (base)
Power Supply 12V DC ±10%
Total Power Consumption TEC OFF < 9W, TEC ON < 60W
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +55°C

Typical Uses:

  • X-ray imaging
  • X-ray microscopy
  • Thin films and nanofibers
  • X-ray plasma diagnostics
  • Holography and lithography