 Piezo stages with familiar digital galvo form factor
 Mounted mirrors, laser and two-axis base
 Each stage < 12 mm diameter
 Closed-loop controller embedded in stage
– No separate electronics needed
– 3.3 VDC input
– Direct digital input of motion commands( I2C, SPI, UART) or analog servo
 Steers beam diameters up to 2 mm
 Angular resolution 0.025 deg (440 µrad) closed loop
with built-in absolute position sensor
 Angular resolution 0.0057 deg (100 µrad) open loop
with external position sensor provided by user
 Holds position with zero power and no jitter

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Two-axis beam steering on your fingertip
The DK-M3-RS-U-2M-20-L is a complete piezoelectric beam
steering system with a familiar galvo-scanner form factor, but a
drastically smaller size: only 12 mm diameter including the
embedded closed-loop controller.
The mounted aluminum-coated mirror moves at up to 1100
degrees per second with accuracy of 0.25 degrees for precise,
point-to-point beam steering. The mirror range is +/- 20 degrees.

Embedded controller means tiny size plus
fast, easy integration
Patented piezoelectric motors along with position sensors,
bearings, drive electronics and embedded firmware are all
integrated into the miniature rotary stage.
We’ve eliminated the extra bulk of a separate external controller.
Along with smallest system size, this makes for fast, easy
integration into your system. The beam steering system accepts
direct input of high-level digital or analog motion commands from
your system processor, or use the USB adapter to power and
control the system from a PC. Input is only 3.3 VDC.

M3-RS-U smart stage with standard 3-mm length

mounted mirror (short mirror)

Beam Diameter (maximum) 2 mm
Range of Motion +/- 20 deg
Speed >1100 deg/sec
Acceleration >1,000,000 deg/sec2 *
Stall Torque (minimum) 0.04 N-mm
Holding Torque (minimum) 0.08 N-mm (zero power)
Recommended Maximum Payload mounted to rotating shaft (Payload

must be balanced)

Mass 3g
Inertia 350 g-mm2
CLOSED-LOOP performance (with built-in position sensor)
Recommended Step Frequency Up to 100 Hz
Resolution (encoder resolution) 0.025 deg (440 µrad) absolute
Repeatability +/-0.05 deg (880 µrad)
Accuracy 0.25 deg (4400 µrad)
Maximum Closed-Loop Step & Settle Times (0.99 g-mm2 inertial load*)
0.5 deg 9 ms
5 deg 14 ms
20 deg 21 ms
OPEN-LOOP performance (external position sensor provided by user)
Resolution <0.0057 deg (<100 µrad)
Accuracy Typically better than 10% of distance

travelled after calibration

Maximum Open-Loop Step Times (0.99 g-mm2 inertial load*)
0.05 deg 0.5 ms
0.5 deg 1.6 ms
5 deg 6 ms
20 deg 10 ms
Input Voltage 3.3 V DC
Power Consumption (typical)
Input directly to stage 500 mW active, moving

190 mW active, ready

50 mW standby

Input via USB interface

(demo board)

1200 mW active, both axes moving

580 mW active, ready

200 mW standby

Stage Mass 3g
Operational Lifetime > 2,000,000 random positions**
Temperature/Relative Humidity 0 to +60 C, non-condensing
Compliance CE / RoHS
Communication Interface I2C, SPI, UART, analog servo

Input directly to M3-RS

Controller Integrated into stage, 64 MIPS

NO external controller needed